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Unique Ambiance

It’s with great effort that Les Portes du Désert tries to maintain a unique ambiance to give great satisfaction to its clients. The entire hotel is decorated with great sensibility blending various styles of décor, from Arabesque to Andaluse to a mixture of European style in its practical conception and comfort.

Although we do achieve great ambiance on the hotel itself, the place where the Hotel is located already gives great and unique atmosphere. Imagine yourself having dinner on the terrace watching an amazing sunset with direct view to the big dune of Merzouga. Sahara is all about great experiences.

The Hotel

Les Portes du Désert has French/Moroccan management combining this way two different views that work together to pursuit European quality service thru an traditional Saharan establishment.

The Hotel is located right aside the dunes and you can enjoy great Terrace views and unique scenes. Indeed Les Portes du Désert is a place to visit and get lost in the Sahara.

The Dunes

Only the word Sahara already speaks for itself. You haven’t got once on its mind the idea of at least the dream of visit the Sahara Desert. This vast desert, the biggest in the World is just a few steps away for the majority of Travellers. The dunes of Erg Chebbi are an oval shaped amount of dark orange sand dunes that arise from the great Hamada, the plane of Volcanic Cobalt.

Erg Chebbi has the special characteristic of being dark orange colour, opposite to golden light brown sand like other deserts. During Sun Rise and Sun Set, the spectacle is profoundest unique and absorbing and will make you trip worth each second.

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